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The Rest is Noise

Exhibition Set-up

"The Rest Is Noise" at Triple-Major Shanghai, an exhibition curated by Lynn Qing Zhang under the artistic direction of Jingfeng Fang & Mi Dong.

Piotr Niepsuj
Tommaso Di Ciommo
Huishu Jia
Triple-Major Studio.

Noise is enjoyable, almost pleasant when one is absorbed into a focused and meditative state of mind. It is a mind of clarity, knowing what one is capable of, and doing it in a most confident way. It names an enduring, basic human impulse to fulfill a task and do it well for its own sake.

It is the state of mind when a photographer is about to shut the lens; when a illustrator creates by living in the imagined world, or a programmer orchestrates the keyboard like a traffic police dictating the crossroads. The beauty of it is shared among all people.

Driven by the curiosity to explore these condensed minds and a simple desire to create a beautiful exhibition, we put together this selection of moments from Piotr Niepsuj, Huishu Jia, Tommaso Di Ciommo and Triple-Major Studio that shouts "The Rest is Noise".

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