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Exhibition Set-up

Curator: Allan Shen/Toby Hsu.
Artist: Cheuk Lun Lo / Guan Chun / Karlen Chang / Liu Song / Mi Dong&Jingfeng Fang / Makin Jan Ma / Steven Xu / Xiang Sun / Xu Hao.

Graphic Design: mattersofseeing.
Exhibition Design: mattersofseeing.

If music, movies and dances are a reflection of human life through the ages, painting, photography, still life installations and other forms of art can be considered another unique way of expression. As a matter of fact, contemporary artists are making art not for the sake of expressing it but possibly in pursuit of a kind of quiet and slow life and for purpose of demonstrating their ultimate belief in creativity from their own perspective. SUPREME CREATIVE as a platform for communicating creative power is committed to the pursuit of “Art in Free Life”. We endeavor to connect artists with viewers, the brand and consumers through art exhibitions and other methods, making them understand each other, appreciate art, and discover a pure life and a simple world.

The charisma of life needs to be tasted leisurely. The intrinsic and true beauty of time and space lingers in the artistic dialogues created by SUPREME CREATIVE. The space for the communication between the comprehensible and incomprehensible might make art more emotional and richer as art shuttles back and forth between the past and the present. The philosophy “Art Originates from Life” can be interpreted from diverse aspects, which makes art lovers feel a calling to re-contemplate and love the surrounding world by virtue of the language of nature and the power of creativity.

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